• Crock Pot Turkey Chili

    When using ground turkey I’ve found it works best in recipes that have a lot of other flavor as the turkey itself doesn’t have a lot of flavor. What has more flavor than some homemade chili? This recipe is not super spicy (I can’t handle spice to save my life) but it does have a… Read more »

  • Hand Painted Wine Glasses (Dishwasher Safe)

    The first time I made these was about 5 years ago. I was trying to throw a rather large bridal shower on a minimal budget. What I finally came up with was cheap wine glasses custom-painted with the names of the Bride and Groom as well as the date of the wedding. I have been… Read more »

  • Country Run Family Run – Free Registration

    We’re always looking for things to go do as a family. Especially things that are cheap or free and wear the kids out. A friend of mine gave me a heads up on an awesome freebie they found for free registration for the Corner Store Country Run. They have dates left in Arizona and Texas…. Read more »

  • Banana Bread

    I don’t know that there are many better comfort foods than banana bread. The only down side I can come up with is that I try to eat relatively healthy but I also try not to waste food which tends to cause quite the inner conflict about whether or not to have “one more slice”…. Read more »

  • Meatball Pockets

    I love sliders as far as portion size and the fun things you can put in them… but so often they are way too messy to pick up and actually eat with your hands. This is where these awesome little pockets come into play. All the flavor and in theory none of the mess. If… Read more »

  • Crock Pot Carnitas

    If you like mouth watering and full of flavor (but lacking the lingering spice afterwards) then this is the Carnitas recipe for you! What we end up doing is waiting until pork is $1.00/lb-$2.00/lb then buying a decently large piece and cooking it all. We’ll have one fresh meal and then portion and freeze the… Read more »