How many pairs of shoes do you have? The better question may be how many pairs of shoes does your husband think you should have or at what number will he stop complaining that you have too many? In my house we both know that I’m not nearly as show obsessed as many people I know BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t have “a lot” of shoes. To make matters worse I may or may not have a lot of shoes that haven’t ventured out of the house in years (I’m blaming the swollen feet from pregnancy, then carrying an infant, and now trying to chase a toddler). I was able to part with some when we moved into a house with a smaller closet but I couldn’t make myself part with all of them so of course… I hit the internet looking for inspiration! I found a genius closet hack that will give you so much space back and keep you from tripping over your shoes or having to stuff them in a bin. Ceiling moulding!

If you go to your local hardware store you can get a primed 8 foot piece for well under $10. I don’t know many people that have painted closets so in most cases you won’t even have to paint it. If you are looking to cut a little bit more of the cost you can go to a smaller store (or even a larger hardware store) and ask them if they have any remnants or damaged pieces. Then all you do is cut off the end that is split or cracked and voila, you’ve cut even more cost! Don’t forget to buy a few screws that are long enough to go through the moulding and into the wall. The entire process of hanging them took a few minutes tops. The screws sink right through the moulding and into the wall (be sure to find the studs in the wall for the weight of the shoes to be supported). Then all you have to do is hang (or tuck in) the shoes! We had a bunch of vertical space at the top of our closet not being used and since I don’t wear them very often it made sense to put them up and out of the way where I could get to them when I infrequently use them. Another option (and one I’ve more often seen when cruising Pinterest) is putting them in rows at the bottom of the closet. It makes them a bit more accessible but still keeps the 40 pairs of high heels from being sprawled on the floor. This is one of those projects that looks super intimidating until you are told how to do it and then you can’t figure out why you never did it before!


  1. Buy Crown Moulding and screws
  2. Find the studs in your closet
  3. Screw the moulding into the studs
  4. Hang shoes


Written by Krista

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